Human Resource Management is changing as our world is changing. Are we ready for disruptive HRM?

Our Vision: humans make organisations


We as PiCompany are specialist in the field of what traditionally is called Human Resource Management. And we use the term traditionally because major changes are taking place with impact on HRM.

Just to mention a few:

  • Organisations need to pay attention to their social environment and be part of social development.
  • Human Resource Management might be more about Human Well Being
  • Human Resources turn into Human Talents who take their fate in their own hands
  • Human Learning will be key in a more and more global connected world with a more flexible workforce

And while all of this is happening, daily life is going on and the main tasks of HR have to be executed. And all changes do not happen overnight everywhere at the same pace. That is why we combine in-depth expertise in the “ classical” HR field with insights in the changing environment organisations and individuals have to deal with.

Most of all we believe in connecting “head” and “hearth”. Because believing in what you are doing leads to passion. Only passion leads to progress. Passion for our clients, HR and our people.


Our fields of expertise        

Our people combine in-depth knowledge of HR topics and tools with craftsmanship based upon experience in implementation. So no textbook solutions but real life and proven concepts and tools.

For us HRM is about:

  • Strategic HR- translating environment of the organisation into human resources policy and practice
  • Operational and strategic HR across a range of sectors
  • Change programs
  • Leadership and management development
  • Talent Development
  • Creating learning environments: making self steered learning possible

Please, have a look at our website and read more about our fields of expertise, our people and our projects.

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