PiCompany South Africa is a company with experience in educational programs and human resource development since 2008.

PiCompany’s sa mission is to develop talent and contribute to the skills need. Our vision is to “put the right person in the right place” in order to create a productive and value creating environment for individuals and organisations.

Our strategic objectives are:

  • Be the quality provider for education and human resource development
  • Be the enabler of educational development through project management
  • Support the disadvantaged in achieving empowerment goals and entrepreneurship
  • Be the nr 1 niche player within the educational sector

Specific programs were designed and executed for Chieta (Artisans), Services Seta (Real Estate and New venture creation), Leadership Development for the Cathsseta, SHRA, Bank Seta and the Transport Seta. Activities include educational programs and policy review on educational topics.

PiCompany sa executed the past years RPL projects for Artisans for different Seta’s. PiCompany sa executed the RPL study trip for BankSeta with participants from the banking industry, labour, SAQA, transport sector and DHET in 2013. Outcomes were part of the Ministerial Task Team on RPL.

Entrepreneurship is one of the main drivers of economic progress and therefore PiCompany focuses on New Venture Creation and mentoring and coaching of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s).

The company has a strong background in applying theoretical concepts to the workplace.

PiCompany sa uses its own assessment battery (registered with the HPCSA) for individual development within leadership programs and assessment projects.

PiCompany sa offers online learning solutions. The online E-portfolio, part of the E-learning Academy has been accredited by MICT Seta.

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