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Why Talent management?

Research of talent management practices shows a correlation of talent management with business performance. Talents in?your organisation are of great value in a competitive and international environment. Nowadays in any sector the market for people is tough and highly competitive. Investment to retain them pays off. Keeping your talents challenged and engaged adds to business success because talent development correlates with business performance.

Managing your talents

Managing talent on an organisational level is all about:

Identifying: what kind of talents do we have already and/or should we attract? 

Developing: building skills and capabilities Deploying: putting the right people, in the right jobs at the right time 

Engaging: creating a challenging and supporting environment to enhance commitment

      If you manage talents your organisation benefits because:


  • Managers direct productivity and career development of their employees more effectively
  • HR departments know how to support the learning ability of employees in line with the ambitions of the organization
  • Managers and employees perform better
  • Managing talents pays off for individual employees because they become the main "conductor" of their own career.

Consciously built self-insight leads to people really differ from one another. The increasing skills and therefore better challenge is learning to recognize each one´s performance and the right person in the right talent, acknowledge it and then capitalize on it.

PiCompany e.g. designed and executed very successful programs in talent development through the International Leadership Development programs for the BankSeta and Transport Seta in cooperation with Rotterdam School of Management and WITS Business School.